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BFG March 2022 magazine

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SIMONEGORDONIt's Women's History Month and womenaround the world are excited aboutworking together to uplift themselves.This is what the Black Fairy GodmotherFoundation is all about. We are workingdiligently to engage and uplift womenwith resources that enable them to that.Women's History Month is special to theFoundation because we salute all of thewomen who work hard to move beyondtrauma to find transformation.I did this so I know that it is possible. Wecan move beyond our limitations andcelebrate this month with other womenwho are doing the same thing.The Black FairyGodmotherFoundation Founder and CEO In this issue, I share a few resources that will help women get the education theydeserve. There are many women whocan't finish their education , so we havea scholarship --The Fairy DustScholarship-- that enables women to getthe resources to finish. I did this very same thing -- got myeducation and positioned myself toachieve my dreams. I want to inspire you to be the best youwant to be. Yes, it is totally possible if wehold each other up and support othersthe way we want to be supported!Read through this issue, to find aresource for YOU! Magic happens whenwe believe that it can.Simone Gordon Imagine the power of educated women

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CelebratingWomen byhelping those in need2022

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Apply or donate by going

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www.theblackfairygodmother.orgSuccess for 20 Mothers whoreceivedscholarships onMother's Day2021.See video below ofa Fairy DustSuccess Story

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The Black Fairy Godmother is trulyhelping people across the country.For more

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We need YOU! Black FairyGodmother invitesyou to support theFairy DustScholarship Program FairyDust Scholarship ProgramThe FairyDust Scholarship Program is forsingle marginalized mothers who want toattend school to help stabilize their lives byattending community college, obtain alicense or certificate of their choice, orcomplete a GED program. Scholarships are awarded on Mother's Dayeach year. We are showingwomen that thereis life after trauma. For more informationgo

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Simone Gordon, The Black Fairy Godmotherrecognized in by Newark Mayor --'Women Making History While Impacting TheirCommunities' The Black Fairy Godmother Simone Gordon (left) isshown receiving a proclamation from NewarkMayor Ras J. Baraka (right). She was also a gueston "Ras in 60," the podcast of Mayor Ras J. Barakaof Newark, NJ. February 28, 2022.

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In a prelude interview dedicated toWomen's History Month, SimoneGordon, the highly celebrated BlackFairy Godmother was recentlyrecognized by Newark Mayor Ras J.Baraka of New Jersey. She received theWomen's History Month honor on theMayor's podcast, "Ras in 60." The Mayor declared his support of"Women Making History WhileImpacting Their Communities andmost importantly saluted the powerfulNewark Native for her worksupporting women in the communityand beyond.Mayor Baraka said, in her honor, "Sheis an inspiration. We want to highlightyour work because you are making apositive impact and especially forwomen and girls. You are definitelydoing the work."Simone discussed helping women inthe aftermath of Hurricane Ida andother natural disasters, andparticularly in across the country --Texas, Arizona, Alabama, Mississippi,and Louisiana. "Through social mediaand Instagram, we are able to getresources to the women who neededit -- whether diapers, food or clothing."Also, the Mayor discussed the work toprovide scholarships for local womenin New Jersey who were not able tofinish college. Simone created the"Fairy Dust Scholarship" with sponsorTory Burch to make sure women,including Simone, completed theircollege education without the stress offinancing. In one year of the project'slaunching, some 20 women have beengiven scholarships. Some 16 arefocusing on trades, and 2 are in still incollege. This year, 2 are graduatingwith their Associate's degrees and oneof them has already been accepted toSpellman College in Atlanta. For Simone, her magic wish is for success of women andgirls who need it when no one else shows up. "It was acomplete honor to join Mayor Baraka's salute of Women'sHistory Month and to honor women across ourcommunities and country," she said. She made it clear thatThe Black Fairy Godmother Foundation has been createdfor those women in need and specially those affected bytrauma. Gordon adds, "Just because a woman hasexperienced trauma, doesn't mean that she has to livewith it always -- trauma is temporary."About the Black Fairy Godmother FoundationThe Black Fairy Godmother Foundation, founded bySimone Gordon, is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organizationcreated to help Black and Brown marginalized families.Our foundation uses the power of networking, socialmedia, and influence to connect families in need withpeople that can help.

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Seeing is believing Black Fairy Godmother releases new product lineB U Y P R O D U C T S T O H E L PO T H E R S : C O M I N G S O O N !

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SAVE THE DATEThird Annual Purple DiamondAwards FundraiserSaturday, October 8, 2022Newark, New Jersey For tickets, sponsorship or information,contact, DoubleXXposure

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Thank you to Simone GordonCEO and DirectorBlack Fairy GodmotherFoundation Angelo EllerbeeCEO, DoubleXXposure Media Relations, Inc. DoubleXXposure TeamKevin GoinsMarsha JermanEly Faigenblat Allison VolpeTasha StouteJanine FondonErskine IssacClifton BellVin Taylorwww.THEBLACKFAIRYGODMOTHER.orgFacebook @theblackfairygodmotherfoundation Twitter @TheBlackFairyG1 Instagram@TheBlackFairyGodmotherOfficial

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