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SIMONEGORDONOn behalf of The Black FairyGodmother Foundation and ourhonorees, we thank you so muchfor your support and generosity --especially for those of you whoattended the Second AnnualPurple Diamonds Celebration andFundraiser. Your support has helped the BlackFairy Godmother Foundationcontinue its mission to help Black,Brown and marginalizedcommunities with essential needsThe Black FairyGodmotherFoundation Founder and CEO as well as uplift those who leavedomestic violence surroundings fora better life. The foundation has accomplished somuch within the last few years andthere's still more work to do in ourcommunities. Your continuedsupport will assist us in reachingthose goals. Thank you so much.In support of us, please like oursocial media pages and keep I appreciate you.Simone Gordon Imagine the power we have to help others.

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The Black Fairy Godmother istruly helping people acrossthe country from New Jerseyto Detroit and evenMississippi. She recently rana Thanksgiving campaign tohelp women and families inneed. See the testimonialtweets on this page and thenext with stories of thanksduring Thanksgiving.

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The Purple Diamond Fundraiser was truly acelebration with a purpose. The goal was tohighlight The Black Fairy Godmother Foundationand other organizations for the good work to helpwomen and families in need. Over 150 peopleattended and enjoyed host Antonio Fargas (centerphoto), musical guest Howard Hewett (top photo)and visionary Angelo Ellerbee, CEO ofDoubleXXposure Media (bottom photo)."I was just so happy with the whole event and itsurpassed my every expectation," said SimoneGordon, Founder and CEO of The Black FairyGodmother Foundation. "I thank everyone for being there and making theimpossible -- POSSIBLE! We must continue toimagine how much we can do for those who need it and then make it possible. A special thanks to the event coordinator MarciaJerman (next page top) the inspired gospel artistMichael Pugh (next page top) and a harpist whoinspired the audience.A celebrationwith apurpose -The PurpleDiamondFundraiserP U R P L E D I A M O N DF U N D R A I S E R 2 0 2 1

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Congratulations to Hall of Fame awardeeChrissy Monroe (left)for bringing her brightlight to the PurpleDiamond AwardsChrissy is the founder ofSurvive to ThriveGlobal, a non profitorganization that helpsdomestic violencevictims who havesuffered emotional orphysical abuse.2021 Purple Diamond AwardeesAvanzarNowreceived thePresident's CircleAward. Born outof the activism inthe 1960s and1970s, they now provide 'safehouses' fordomestic abusevictims.The RAIN Foundationreceived the VisionaryAward.The RAINFoundation is a non-profitproviding emergencyshelter, transitioninghousing and permanentsupportive housing servicesto LGBTQ Youthexperiencing crisis leadingto homelessness.

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2021 Purple Diamond AwardeesThe Women RisingFoundation received theDiamond Award.The organizationassists women andtheir families as theymove toward self-sufficiency andestablish safe,productive andfulfilling lives withsocial services,economicdevelopment andadvocacy services.Jennifer Pastiloff, authorof the book, "On BeingHuman," received t heDifference maker Award. She travels the world withher unique workshop thatis a hybrid t he mergemerges yoga, writing,sharing out loud, lettingsnot fly and a dance party. The Safe HouseFoundation receivedthe Circle of HonorAward. It is anemergency shelter forvictims of domesticviolence and theirchildren. They providedcounseling, legaladvocacy and personalnecessities

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Thank you to Simone GordonCEO and DirectorBlack Fairy Godmother Foundation Angelo EllerbeeDoubleXXposure Media Relations, Inc. DoubleXXposure TeamKevin GoinsMarsha JermanBelinda Trotter-JamesEly Faigenblat Allison VolpeTasha StouteJanine FondonYolanda McintoshErskine IssacClifton BellVin Taylorwww.THEBLACKFAIRYGODMOTHER.orgFacebook @theblackfairygodmotherofficial Twitter @TheBlackFairyG1